Product FAQs

1: What is the difference between #1, Grade A, and Grade B 40x48 pallets?

The main difference between recycled 40x48 wood pallets #1, Grade A, and B is is the additional repairs that have been made to the pallet deck-boards and stringers. #1 40x48 wood pallets has the least repairs and Grade B has the most repairs. For More info, please see our product specifications or contact us for additional questions.

2.Are Fathia's wood Pallet's suitable for DIY projects?

YES. The pallets are perfect for pallet furniture, home decor, events, and etc. Also, we recommend our new 40x48 pallets or #1 40x48 pallets because they are less repaired.

3. Does Fathia's Pallets Corp supply custom pallets?

We work with our dedicated partners to meet any of your pallet specification. Please kindly contact us with your custom pallet specification and one of our friendly team member will be happy to assist you.

4.Does Fathia's Pallet Supply Heat Treated Wood Pallets?


5. Does Fathia's Pallet Supply Plastic Pallets?

We might have recycled wood pallets available but, we do not currently supply new plastic pallets.

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