42" x 42" Recycled Wood Pallet
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42" x 42" Recycled Wood Pallet

An economical way to protect, store or move products. Fork Access: 2-way Entry. Weight Capacity: 1,500 Ibs. Taugh, durable recycled wood is stackable and reusable. 
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42" x 42" Recycled Wood Pallet 
An Economical way to move, store or protect products. Tough, durable wood is stackable and reusable.
Length: 42"
Width: 42"
Height: 5 1/2"
Fork Access: 2-Way Entry
Weight Capacity: 1,500 Ibs.
# of Top Boards: 7
# of Bottom Boards: 4
# of Stringers: 3


Note: The condition and color of the pallets will vary due to prior usage. Customer is responsible to inspect all pallets upon delivery.